Fortune Favors (single)

by Seven Stars Panda

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released April 16, 2016



Track Name: Fortune Favors (ftr. Ka$h Money)
You burned a ring around your room with the heat of your dissatisfaction
You burned a hole into your heart with the intensity of every attraction
And I couldn't stand the heat
So I suffered the affliction
And I couldn't keep the beat
But could still maintain the fiction
That our fortunes were about
To turn around

When every pretty little thing to cross your path was yet another distraction
When you were satisfied the object of your wrath was taken out of the action
You went on to hit the street
But your message lacked conviction
You were churlish in defeat
And embraced the crucifiction
And our fortunes were about
To turn around

C# A E (stacatto)
C# A E
C# A E
C# A F# B G# C# A E B
Now kneel DOWN before the presence of your king
Now COUNT all of the blessings that he brings
And bring forth all the praises you can sing upon the confidence that
occupies the consequence
betraying the confusion in your heart

And every bird under your wing was just another mouth your brought to the table
And every notch upon your belt just made it harder to escape the label
That you could not turn down a fight
And despite your reputation
You couldn't live up to the hype
Or ignore the new sensation
That our fortunes were about to turn around